Activities for
people with disabilities

The Berlinische Galerie sees itself as a museum for everyone and we provide barrier-free access to exhibitions, events and the café. In the permanent collection, there is tactile floor guidance around the exhibition space for the blind and partially sighted and we offer an app tour so people can listen to the highlights in the Berlinische Galerie. For selected exhibits there are also tactile models which all our visitors can explore.

We run regular tours of our exhibitions for people with disabilities. The programme includes touch tours, tours with or in German Sign Language and tours for people with learning difficulties. Some of our events are inclusively designed and are explicitly aimed at people with and without disabilities.

Please note: We have removed the tactile models for now to meet the current hygiene requirements. Furthermore we are currently not lending out audio guide devices. You can take the audio tour through our permanent exhibition by downloading our app onto your smartphone or tablet. Thank you for your understanding!

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