More than 70,000 volumes of literature in the fields of fine arts, photography and architecture.

Bibliothek der Berlinischen Galerie, © Noshe
© Noshe

According to the collections of the museum the library preserves literature on Modern Art, Photography, and Architekture, mainly of the 20th century. The stock (at the moment 70.000 volumes) expands countinously by means of donations and estates (for example the library of Eberhard Roters, the founder of the museum).

It annually increases by about 2000 units, mainly by means of the publication exchange program with about 170 institutions at home and abroad.

Opening times

Monday, Wednesday – Friday
10 am – 4 pm

The library is closed during public holidays.


Jan-Tillmann Rierl

Phone +49 030-789 02-891
Fax +49 030-789 02-890

Online Public Access Catalogue

The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) of the Berlinische Galerie contains all titles that were purchased since 2004. The recording of earlier titles is done continuously.

The inventory can also be found among the titles that are listet in the KOBV library network. Magazines published before 1945 can be found in the ZDB.

Publication exchange

The publication exchange works on the basis of exchange agreements. (Each title of the Berlinische Galerie for each publication of the partner institution.) There is an exchange of single titles as well. A list of titles for the publication exchange you find at the right hand site.


Marion Molnos

Phone +49 030-789 02-893
Fax +49 030-789 02-890

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