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Foto: Eine Person zeichnet auf einem Klemmbrett.
© Daniel Müller

Curiosity is the cradle of scholarship. The questions we ask ourselves about our holdings are the rootstock of our day-to-day work at the museum. So one of our most important tasks is to keep building on what we know about the works and artists in our collections.

Research is not an end in itself for a museum. We share this knowledge with our visitors and with other researchers – in exhibitions and catalogues, in our Collection Online and at conferences.



for research in photography

One year of research: the Thomas-Friedrich-Scholarship enables young scientists to work with our photographic collection.

The Berlinische Galerie instituted its Thomas Friedrich Scholarship for research in the field of photography in January 2014. It enables a junior academic to spend a year working on uncatalogued material in the Photography Collection. The theme for the programme is defined in advance by an expert jury. The findings of the Thomas-Friedrich-Scholarships are published by the museum in its series “Forschungsberichte”.

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Research projects

Study Center

Interested museum visitors that want to become acquainted with a certain object or field of our collections have the possibility to take a close look at works of the collections graphic art, photography, architecture, or the artists’ archives.

This 40 meter long room is the location of parts of these collections, which are stored in plan chests, and a compact system where stocks of the library are stored. Furthermore there are several work places of the staff of these collections.

Opening hours and Costs

Monday – Friday
10 am – 4 pm
By appointment only

Fee: 10 EUR plus day ticket
Scientific use: free

Our collection Online: over 40,000 works and archival documents have already been digitised.

Sammlung Online


This room is named after Eberhard Roters (1929 Dresden – 1994 Berlin), the founding director of the Berlinische Galerie. It has been converted and equipped using funds donated by private individuals and companies.

The room has two functions: it is exhibition space and also a place where works from the collections of graphic art and architecture are stored in plan chests. Interested museum visitors have the opportunity to view selected drawings, printed graphic works, photographs, architectural sketches and designs.

Opening hours and costs

Monday – Friday
3 pm – 6 pm
By appointment only
Tel +49 (0)30-789 02 864

Fee: 10 EUR plus day ticket
Scientific use: free

Foto: Besucher am Tresen der Bibliothek.

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